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We Make Promises to Our Clients, That Other Law Firms Will Not.

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Santa Rosa Child Sex Abuse Attorney

Child Sex Abuse Lawyers serving all of Sonoma County

Santa Rosa Child Sex Abuse LawyerAlthough many occurrences of child sex abuse go unreported, the amount of cases that are reported is shocking. Out of all cases of child abuse, roughly 9.2% of cases are of a sexual nature. Recent studies found that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 20 boys are victims of child sex abuse.  Over the course of a lifetime, 28% of children between ages 14-17 have been sexually abused. These are upsetting numbers.  Child sex abuse is a serious offense in every state, and victims are entitled to press both criminal and civil charges. Contact a Santa Rosa Child Sex Abuse Attorney to discuss your options for criminal and civil retaliation in the case of child sexual abuse.

Individual states define what constitutes as child sex abuse and the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit. In many states, the statute of limitations can be extended because of a child’s nature to repress or deny abuse. Sometimes children may have trouble remembering what occurred, also known as repressed memory. This is protected under the statute of limitations by the delayed discovery rule. This means parents can still file a lawsuit after the long-term emotional effects of child sex abuse are discovered. North Bay Legal attorney Michael Li knows the laws specific to these incidents and the steps needed to be taken to bring offenders to justice.

Criminal and Civil Child Sex Abuse Cases

All personal injury cases hinge on proving negligence. If you can prove that the defendant acted in a negligent manner you will be able to receive compensation. If the defendant is found guilty of child sex abuse in a criminal case, it will be much easier to prove negligence in a civil lawsuit. Even if the defendant was not convicted in criminal court, you may still win in a civil suit.

In child sex abuse injury suits, you must only prove that the defendant “more likely than not” committed the abuse. On the other hand, criminal cases require that the crime was committed “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Basically, a decision in a civil suit allows for more doubt than a criminal suit. Damages are similar to those of a regular personal injury lawsuit, and both the child and his or her parents can receive compensation.

  • The child (usually represented by a guardian) can collect compensation for medical expenses, emotional suffering, and any other physical or mental harm caused by the abuser.
  • The parents of the child can additionally claim damages for emotional and other harm suffered from finding out that their child was abused.

Child sex abuse falls into a number of additional charges. For example, the parent could also sue for assault and battery, negligent infliction, and even false imprisonment. If an employer failed to properly background check the employee charged with abuse, the employer may also be held liable. Work with an experienced Santa Rosa personal injury attorney who is well-versed in the complexities of child sex abuse cases.

Compassionate Santa Rosa Child Sex Abuse Lawyers proudly serving all of Sonoma County

Contact North Bay Legal to discuss compassionate representation for victims of child sexual abuse. We take child sex abuse cases very seriously. We believe it is our duty to help parents of children who have been abused fight back. We will fight aggressively on your behalf to get you the money you deserve and the punishment the defendant deserves.

No child should ever have to suffer abuse, and no parent should have to see his or her child suffer. We are experienced in criminal and civil lawsuits. We are based in downtown Santa Rosa and we serve Sonoma County and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to begin building your case.

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