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Santa Rosa Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Expert Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Serving Santa Rosa, CA

Santa Rosa motorcycle accident attorneysIn the United States, there are approximately 8.4 million motorcycles on the roads. Annually, there are thousands of motorcycle crashes, resulting in over 4,500 fatalities. Motorcyclists face a staggering 26 times higher likelihood of death in comparison to motorists and passengers involved in car crashes, with a five-fold increase in the probability of sustaining injuries. Given the risks associated with motorcycle riding, having a dedicated Santa Rosa motorcycle accident lawyer readily available in the event of a collision is crucial.

Motorcycle accidents often lead to grave injuries, particularly when high speeds are involved. Various risk factors heighten the likelihood of motorcycle accidents:

  1. Limited visibility: Motorcycles pose challenges to other drivers, especially at intersections.
  2. Vulnerability to road hazards: Unlike cars, motorcycles are highly susceptible to minor road hazards such as debris, wet surfaces, and potholes.
  3. Lack of protection: Motorcycles lack the protective enclosures provided by cars, leaving riders exposed to the elements and vulnerable to injury if ejected from the bike.
  4. Stability issues: Certain motorcycles may exhibit instability, particularly at high speeds, increasing the risk of losing control and accidents.

Motorcyclists and other road users must remain vigilant and adhere to safety protocols to mitigate the occurrence of accidents and safeguard lives on the roadways. Consult with our Santa Rosa motorcycle accident lawyer today if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident.

Who Is Liable In A Motorcycle Accident?

In cases of minor motorcycle accidents, the insurance coverage of either party involved may suffice. However, there are instances where insurance limits fall short. In such scenarios, seeking assistance from a knowledgeable Santa Rosa motorcycle accident attorney becomes imperative to pursue a personal injury claim and recover damages adequately.

Often, motorcycle accidents stem from the negligence of car drivers. Proving negligence in personal injury cases necessitates demonstrating that the defendant’s actions or inactions breached a duty of care, resulting in injury. Our Santa Rosa personal injury lawyer can help you navigate those claims as well. Negligence encompasses several facets, including:

  1. The defendant’s obligation to exercise reasonable care, as mandated by traffic laws, and to be mindful of all road users.
  2. Failure to uphold this duty by engaging in reckless behaviors such as running red lights or neglecting to check mirrors before maneuvering.
  3. The direct causation of the accident and resultant injuries by the defendant’s negligence.

Injuries sustained and property damage incurred serve as consequences of the accident. Various scenarios may attribute partial negligence to the car driver. For instance, being cut off by a motorist who fails to signal or check mirrors before changing lanes constitutes negligence. Additionally, accidents caused by defective parts or designs prompt product liability claims.

Responsibility for defective parts typically falls on manufacturers, dealerships, or suppliers, while hazardous designs render vehicle makers liable. California operates under a comparative negligence clause, allowing partial recovery even if the injured party bears some fault. Compensation awarded corresponds to the degree of fault assigned, with eligibility ceasing if fault surpasses 50%. For instance, if deemed 30% at fault, the injured party receives 70% of the total compensation.

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